A Cleaner, Greener Approach to Meals

January 29, 2020 submitted by Maria Zade for the Cleaner Greener Hingham Committee (photos courtesy of Cleaner Greener Hingham)

As we start the new year, many of us resolve to make changes in our eating habits. This year, the Cleaner Greener Hingham Committee is encouraging Hinghamites to revamp meals from an environmental point of view. Here are some suggested resolutions for cleaner, greener eating.

Greening Your Meals

The choices we make at the kitchen table have a significant impact on the environment. To do the greatest good for our planet, we need to eat less processed foods, less meat (specifically beef and lamb), and go for local foods as often as possible. Consider making one sustainable, local meal (a good excuse to visit Hingham Winter Farmers Market at Wompatuck State Park!) and one vegetarian meal per week.

Want to learn more about sustainable food choices for your family? The website Eat Low Carbon tells you the carbon emissions equivalent of hundreds of foods to guide you toward better choices.

Greening Your Grocery Run

Making a meal plan and sticking to it helps the environment by preventing food waste and unnecessary extra trips to the grocery store. Meal planning apps like MealimeAll Recipes Dinner Spinner, and FoodPlanner make choosing recipes and writing grocery lists a snap. And they're free!

Remember how Hingham now has that plastic bag ban? Keep reusable bags in the car, on the front seat where they can't be missed. Reusable mesh produce bags are great for loose fruits and vegetables.

Greening Your Takeout 

On the nights when the fridge is empty and tummies are growling, takeout is an understandable choice - for our mental health, if nothing else! But what to do with the containers? Try using them for storage or to pack lunches when possible. And wash them thoroughly when it's time to toss them in the recycle bin. Finally, hold the plastic cutlery and paper napkins and use your own. Food tastes better with a real fork anyway, right?

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