About Us

Dear Hingham,

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we're Hilary Jenison and Laura Winters local residents, moms, and the sole owners and operators of the Hingham Anchor, a hyper-local news and lifestyle digital resource for this town we call home.  Gingham, Swingham, Blingham - we’ve heard it all, but the truth is we love this seaside oasis and want to celebrate all that it has to offer.  

The goal of the Anchor is to be a relevant, local news hub to keep you informed of town happenings in a way that is fresh, engaging and most of all fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we hope you won’t either. Our goal on this maiden voyage is to introduce you to new people, keep you in the know on town developments, celebrate Hingham’s heritage and provide the skinny on the latest local restaurants, shops, events and more. 

You may know someone’s name from the Pinboard, heck you might have bought something from them off Yardsale, or god forbid you’ve disagreed with an issue that was booted to the “Discussion Board” … The Hingham Anchor wants to take these cherished, helpful (and let’s be honest sometimes comical) town forums a step further.  Let’s get to know our neighbors and get informed by local experts on topics we care about. We hope you’ll hop aboard with us; we can’t always promise smooth sailing but let’s all try to enjoy the ride. 


Laura and Hilary

Welcome to the Hingham Anchor.

About Laura: Laura Winters, a native of Shreveport, Louisiana has lived in Hingham for six years and owns Harper+Winters Strategies, a fundraising and marketing consulting firm based in Hingham with clients across the United States. Laura loves to entertain but is a terrible cook which can be vouched for by her husband Randy, three daughters, Harper, Gracie and Elizabeth, and countless friends. Laura can be found, more often than not, holding court at Scarlet Oak, a haunt which she lovingly refers to as her "office."

About Hilary: Hilary Jenison was born and raised in Hingham, MA. After brief stints out of the area, Hilary and her husband, Lee, moved back to Hingham in 2011 to raise their three children, Eloise, Alice, and James. A career publicist, Hilary loves the art of storytelling and has a fascination with media.  When not working on the Anchor, or wrangling her three little ones, Hilary manages business development for a global PR Firm in Boston and does non-profit communications support.

Special thank you to Sarah Hinchey Photography for the above Anchor photos.


Carol Britton Meyer, News Editor: Carol Britton Meyer is a multimedia journalist who covered the Hingham Journal news beat for many years. She is now a reporter for the Hull Times, a freelance journalist, and a blogger for Harbor Media, most recently joining the Hingham Anchor team as a writer. Carol is a mom of two grown boys, a Hingham resident and her passion is community news.




Josh Ross, Managing Sports Editor

Josh was raised on the South Shore and he and his family have lived in Hingham for the past 13 years.  Josh owns Joshua Ross Photography and been activity involved in town sports and high school sports, as well as a volunteer within the Hingham Schools for more than 6 years.  He has covered and taken photos of all levels of sports in town from T-Ball to High School Varsity.  He and his wife Sara have 2 kids, Noah and Lily, who are currently actively involved in youth and high school sports.