After Nearly a Century in Operation, Boston Harbor Cruises is Sold to Hornblower Cruises and Events

Photo Credit: Boston Harbor Cruises
Photo Credit: Boston Harbor Cruises

Hornblower Cruises & Events confirms it has purchased Boston Harbor Cruises.

“We are always in pursuit of great brands, leadership, talent, products and experiences, and have found all of this in Boston Harbor Cruises and their Principal and General Manager, Alison Nolan,” said Hornblower Cruises & Events President, Kenneth Svendsen. “It is this, combined with our shared focus on quality and commitment to providing extraordinary experiences to our guests, that makes this a very compelling partnership. This talented team and admired operation are a terrific addition to our portfolio.”

For almost a century, Boston Harbor Cruises has provided services from the city’s historic harbor to meet the needs of commuters, the community and the city’s flourishing tourist industry. Today, a fleet of 43 vessels operate sightseeing tours, whale watch excursions and private cruises, alongside ferry services to Cape Cod, as well as speedboat rides and on demand water taxis.

This is a significant expansion to Hornblower Cruises & Events’ Boston operations, bringing deep local market knowledge and extraordinary business relationships, alongside a range of new experiences that complement current dining cruise and private charter offerings.

“Boston Harbor Cruises has come a long way since Matty Hughes began operating river cruises in 1926. With our new partners, our company will benefit from a level of scale and scope that supports our ambitions and better equips us for the future – more so than if we had continued to pursue a standalone path,” said Alison Nolan, principal and general manager of Boston Harbor Cruises. “While this is a bittersweet day, we know that it is the right decision for our business. I am pleased and feel excited for Boston Harbor Cruises under their leadership.”

Boston Harbor Cruises Alison Nolan continues as general manager. There is no impact on the Boston Harbor Cruises brand, its harbor-front office or operations for the foreseeable future.

With the completion of this acquisition, the company now operates a fleet of 137 vessels offering dining cruises, sightseeing, private charter, water taxi and ferry brands in locations such as Alexandria, Baltimore, Berkley, Boston, Chicago, Long Beach, Marina Del Rey, Norfolk, Philadelphia, National Harbor, New Jersey, New York, Newport Beach, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington D.C., as well as Canadian operations in Gananoque and Toronto.


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