Brian Cavanaugh Offers Creative Mortgage Solutions and Advice for Local Residents

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“Did you see Jenn’s new kitchen?  It’s gorg!  Love the Navy Blue island!”

“Bro, can you believe the house down the street sold for 1.5 and they are gutting it before they move in?”

“We are having our fourth child – we need to put an addition on ASAP.”

If you have been out and about Hingham, you have probably had similar conversations.

Real Estate is fun to talk about.

Real Estate Finance, not so much!

But that’s where I can help. I’m Brian Cavanaugh, a Senior Mortgage Banker at Mortgage Network.

I’m a local father of four kids and live with my beautiful wife Tatiana – together, we are living embodiments of what creative mortgage solutions can do for a family.

We did a renovation on our home when we had two young children and my wife was pregnant with our third child.  Believe me, even as a mortgage advisor undertaking a major renovation was tricky, and I had the ins and out of how and when to finance the project down pat.  Going through the process first-hand, I learned a few tricks that I have since been able to help others navigate.

I specialize in turning the common real estate hypotheticals into reality.

For example:

Can you afford to buy your new home before you sell your existing home?

Can we tap into our home’s equity to build the Master Suite above the garage?

My parents are thinking of selling and I would love to buy their home?

I can help you answer all of these questions, and more. I’ve had many casual conversations about financing options start on Carlson soccer field, Pilgrim Arena, the Ferry into Boston, and even Scarlet Oak.    And, often those casual conversations turn into nitty-gritty private conversations at my Boston office or at your home.

Now is such an incredible time to refinance for many reasons.  The rates are pretty much as low as they ever have been.  I have clients going from 30-year mortgages down to 20 and 15 year terms.   I have clients cashing out some equity for an addition or a new garage or kitchen.  I even have clients looking into second homes down the Cape and New Hampshire.

Like many of the new generation of Hingham residents, my wife and I did not grow up on the South Shore – I’m from Springfield, MA, while Tatiana grew up in South Florida.  But that doesn’t make the town any less special to us

We love it here and can’t imagine raising our family anywhere else. It’s a great place to be and, it’s rewarding to be able to help others call Hingham home and improve on their property values once they are here.

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If you ask yourself any of the questions above, feel free to reach out anytime at, 617-771-5021 Cell,

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  1. Great points here, Brian! As an agent, the home sale contingency question is one of the most important ones I hear – the answer to that informs almost everything about the move-up buy strategy. Thanks for being a great referral partner and taking excellent care of my clients.


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