Congratulations to Hingham High School’s 2020 Century Club Honorees

Hingham High School

May 16, 2020

In January 2003, the members of the Hingham High School Climate Committee began looking for ways to celebrate student academic achievement with a recognition banquet just as athletic achievements are celebrated. The Committee sought support and funding for such a banquet from the Rotary Club of Hingham, a community service organization known for its enthusiastic support of the Hingham education program. The Rotary approved funding in the late spring of 2003 and planning began in September 2003 by members of both the Climate Committee and the Rotary for a May 2004 banquet. As funding has recently been shifted to other programs, the banquet has been discontinued, but student recognition remains paramount. The goal of this Club is to honor those students from all four high school classes who perform to the highest standards based on an unweighted grade point average.

Class of 2023

Isabella Amidei
Susan Anderson
Bridget Baynes
Emma Buckley
Carson Chan
Grace Desai
Zoe Epstein
Mia Filardi

Katelyn Foley
Francesco Fulciniti
Emily Gibbons
Eric Gu
Hunter Jack
Stephen Kelleher
Vivian Nguyen
Olivia Pace

Kristiana Phillips
Benjamin Rakauskas
Noah Ross
Celeste Seto
Catherine Sweeney
Kelsey Tarby
Nathan Tesler
Bayan Traiba
Michaela Van Ess

Class of 2022

Inga Andruszkiewicz
Alexander Bankhead
Camille Boer
Matthew Carr
Akrivi Chaimala
Caroline Chase
Delaney Coppola
Shay Crean

Damian Doyle
Robert Falvey
Joshua Greenwood
Colleen Johnston
Dominic Kanter
Anthony Longo
Ryan Maguire
Leah May

Lila Mercurio
Tyler O'Connor
Brian Odell
Shrey Patel
Emma Peterson
Ella Potter
Alexa Varholak
Jade Weggeman
Nora Wolfington

Class of 2021

Paola Aoun
Emma Beyer
Genevra Donnelly
William Fetsko
Alexander Gorczyca
Danielle Harris
Emma Holler
Jack Emma

Abigail Johnston
Amory Ling
Catherine Manning
Fellipe Neves
Aidan Nuttall
Anna Papich
Pria Parker
Bonnie Passios

Rhiannon Peacock
Nikolas Praschma
Adam Quinn
John Rogan
Olivia Spielberger
Ian Strehle
Olivia Suarez
Christopher Warneck
Mitchell Wilson

Class of 2020

Molly Bombard
Livia Brennan
William Bryant*
Iason Chaimalas
Aidan Connerly*
Alexandra Dewire
Jordan Epstein
Emma Fennelly

Olivia Goodwin
Sierra Grissom
Nicholas Lynch*
Isabella MacNaughton
Zachary Mallett
Grace McIsaac
Carly Price
William Procter*

Samuel Raphaelson*
Caroline Raso*
Cooper Shape
Emma Sommers*
Sophie Spielberger
Clare Trinchet*
Adeline Van Buskirk
Josephine Ward*
Benjamin Weisenbeck*

* indicates a four year Century Club member

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