Dad’s Day Giveaway Winner #4: Jim Bello

The Bello Family, photo by CR Photography.
The Bello Family, photo by CR Photography.

Father’s Day is TODAY and we’re so honored to be able to highlight this amazing local dad!

We’ve been sharing the stories of some special dads in our community and today we are honored to share our fourth and final winner …

Jim Bello, husband of Kim Bello and father of three.  

Jim Bello is a Hingham father of three, and he was the first COVID-19 patient to be intubated at Mass General Hospital (MGH) in March. He fought a fierce battle in the MGH ICU for 32 days, and his recovery has been called a miracle by many. He is now home with his family in Hingham, and back to enjoying the outdoors, hiking and biking with their new family puppy – Blake – lovingly named after his MGH ICU Floor.

Jim Bello was nominated for this contest not once but twice. By his family as well as an anonymous ICU Nurse from Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Following, are both of the beautiful and heartfelt nominations for Jim Bello.

Jim and Kim Bello, photo by CR Photography.

We nominate Jim Bello, Dad/Husband/Son/Friend for the Father’s Day Contest. 

An amazing father, a best friend, a wonderful supportive husband are just a few ways to describe what he is to me. Thoughtful, caring, resilient, happy, funny, and loves life.  He’s always looking for the next adventure, the next outing with friends and the next activity for the kids.

To think that he was about to be taken from us less than 2 months ago is beyond what words can describe. He fought Covid and won after 32 days.  I was told he did not have much of a chance, even then we did not believe and we never gave up and nor did he. He would never succumb to this virus and fought the fight to get home to us.  He is our miracle.

Whatever the struggle, whatever obstacles in life this man has persevered.  I’m so proud to call him my husband, my best friend and the father to our wonderful children.

The power of prayer, the support from the community, friends and family who never gave up on him will never be forgotten. He is resilient and continues to persevere. 

We love him with all our heart.  We are grateful to celebrate another Fathers Day with this wonderful man.   Thank you for fighting for us!

Submitted by Kim Bello, wife of Jim Bello

Blake Bello, the Bello's new puppy, named after Jim's ICU Floor at MGH.

Second Nomination for Jim Bello

Dear Anchor, I feel funny nominating a man I’ve never met but here it goes. I nominate Jim Bello for The Father's Day contest. I can only say that as a Brigham and Women’s ICU nurse that took care of critically ill Covid patients, I know first-hand what Jim survived.  I will say that the chances that he was actually going to survive this illness and be home with his family is nothing short of an absolute miracle.... a miracle that can only be explained by the drive and determination of a loving father fighting to get home to his wife and children.  

This Father’s Day will be extra special for him and his family as this narrative could have been written quite different for them.  I hope Jim and his family have many, many more celebrations and Fathers Days together.

- Anonymous

The Bellow Family at home in Hingham. Photo by CR Photography.

A special thank you to local mortgage broker, Brian Cavanaugh for partnering with The Anchor for our first Dad's Day giveaway. Brian Cavanaugh is a local father of four (#feedfourkids), and he jumped at the chance to help celebrate all things dad!   Each winning father also received a $100 gift card to support the local business of their choice.

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