HHS Spring Sports Senior Spotlight – Part 3

Anchor Sports was really looking forward to covering spring sports this year. The feedback from the winter sports coverage was great, and we couldn't wait to get outside. Unfortunately, we know now that will not happen this year. This is devastating news for all athletes and coaches, especially for the seniors who were gearing up to play their last season of high school sports.  We want to make sure they get the recognition they deserve and will be running a series of articles spotlighting the spring sports athletes of the Class of 2020.  While we took extreme caution taking their photos, we understand and respect those who chose to just share their experiences with us during these unprecedented times.

Photos by Joshua Ross

Schuyler Bordeau

"The times that I've had the privilege to experience both as a Hingham Athletics participant and fan are some that I will always have fond memories of. The Hingham Girls Tennis Team afforded me the opportunity to meet some of my closest friends, and engage in fun and spirited play with opposing teams. Though I hope to continue my tennis career in the future, the memories that I've made with my peers are ones that will never be forgotten. Thank you to my teammates, coaches, athletic directors, and supporters, and please continue to foster the welcoming and gracious program you always have."

Angel Busby

"I have been running track for Hingham High School since the spring of my freshman year. Track has been like a second family to me and I'm so gonna miss them so much. I'm so grateful for the amazing coaches. I was looking forward to running spring track since I was injured most of the winter season. I'll miss running in the crazy, unpredictable New England spring weather with my teammates. I plan to run next year in college."

Whitney Gray

"I am so incredibly grateful to have been a part of the HHS Girls Lacrosse Team. I feel as if I've grown up with these girls since our time in the youth program, and it saddens me that we are unable to finish what we started. Following the news of the season's cancellation, my teammate Lindsay Kuser said, 'when I prayed not to run the timed mile, this isn't what I meant.' I think we can all relate to that! Thank you to my teammates and coaches for so many great memories, especially my fellow seniors. I look forward to coming back and cheering on my team next year!"

Shan Syed

"My time on Hingham Boys Tennis has been filled with unforgettable memories.  I would like to thank both my coaches and my teammates for a great 3 years.  I am also bummed to not get a chance to see Nick Lynch on the diamond, Owen O'Brien on the lax field, and Will O'Connell at the high jump. Thank you Hingham for the best years of my life."

Emily Bryant

"Crew has been one of the most rewarding at most challenging experiences for me at Hingham High. I feel so lucky to have experienced the past 4 years and 11 seasons with the best teammates, who make even the cold and rainy practices worth it. I’ll miss singing our favorite songs on the bus rides and  that final push to the finish line every race; it’s definitely hard not to get a final season but I am beyond grateful for the countless memories I have with this amazing team."

Clair Schnorr

"When I transferred to Hingham High in my sophomore year, I was very nervous about the changes to come. I joined the Hingham Crew team that fall and found a second family that not only supported my athletic pursuits but became a social home-base to laugh, study, hang out, and simply enjoy these incredible years of high school. Hingham Crew fostered within me newfound confidence to rise to leadership and attack hard work on and off the water. Without these incredibly inspiring girls on the team and motivating coaching staff, I wouldn’t be the person who I am today. Next year I am very excited to be rowing for the U.S. Naval Academy. While I am experiencing similar nerves to those I felt at the beginning of high school, if there is anything that the girls on the rowing team have taught me it is that your team will always be there for you, and that change can lead to some of the greatest adventures of your life. Thank you to all those in Hingham High Athletics, coaches, volunteers and players, for making these past few years one of the greatest adventures of my life."

Adeline Van Buskirk

"Crew is brutal. It pushes you to absolute physical exhaustion daily; it challenges your focus, emotions, tolerance for extreme temperatures, and the skin on palms of your hands. Crew takes up every free minute of the day, and then some, and even after that it's never enough. Crew requires every last ounce of energy you can give. And when things go wrong, it hurts. But when things go right -- like when the boat crosses the finish line a bowball in front of your biggest competitor, or when the oars finally line up and the boat ceases crashing down to port and taking on water, or when you fall off the erg a few seconds before your last piece -- that's when it all makes sense, why you keep coming back after so many hard days and after so many have quit. There's nothing quite like that feeling of flying across the water after a long day, watching the sun set behind the clouds on the harbor. That's what I'm going to miss most about Hingham High Crew: little moments of success on our beautiful harbor with my best friends."

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