Hingham Education Foundation: New Year, New Leadership

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020 submitted by Liz Klein

The Trustees of Hingham Education Foundation are pleased to announce the selection of Eryn  Kelley as its new President and Kate Dennis as its new Vice President. Combined they have  over ten years of experience in various roles within the Hingham Education Foundation. 

“Kate and I are thrilled to take over these roles”, says Kelley. “This year has presented  significant obstacles, yet it has provided us with an opportunity to get back to our core mission  which for the last thirty years has been to champion innovation, creativity and growth for our  students.” 

For the past 3 years, HEF has been focused on enabling computer science literacy for our  students. They had tremendous success with this work thanks to the unwavering support of the  community and partnership with the Hingham Public School administration.  

This year HEF will focus on funding grants that address academic, social, and emotional health  of our students through fun and engaging learning experiences at a time when stress is at an  all-time high. 

“We understand at Hingham Education Foundation just how hard the teachers are working to  educate our children this year. We want to highlight and fund those teachers who are  persevering through unpreceded conditions. We feel we need to champion those teachers and  administrators that despite these challenges are fostering excellence on behalf of our students”  says Dennis. 

The Hingham Education Foundation grant program will kick off November 1st. Grants are open  to all Hingham Public School teachers, administrators and staff. 

“Reviewing and supporting grant applications is by far my favorite part of being a part of  Hingham Education Foundation”, says Kelley. “The applications we receive are chockfull of  inspiration. It makes me feel so lucky that our students get to have these experiences.” 

About Eryn Kelley: Eryn Kelley developed a keen awareness and interest in the Hingham Public Schools through  her six years in the Hingham Advisory Committee and five year run in Hingham Education  Foundation. 

Eryn brings a long-range perspective of a parent with young children who is excited about and  invested in our schools and our town. She also brings valuable experience from her twenty-year  career in financial services. Specifically, she has experience managing budgets and leading  teams that will prove useful in helping determine how the foundation allocates its grant dollars.

In March of 2014, Eryn left her career working for companies such as Thomson Reuters and  Fidelity Investments. She has fully enjoyed the transition to being home with her family and  looks forward to advocating for the children of Hingham. 

She intends to leverage her can-do management style and concise communication skills honed  in her career for the benefit of Hingham Education Foundation. 

She and her husband, Tom, have been residents of Hingham since 2005. She has a thirteen  year old son at the Hingham Middle School and a ten-year-old daughter currently at East  Elementary School. 

Eryn is a graduate of the University of Vermont with a degree in Economics. 

About Kate Dennis: Kate Dennis joined the HEF board in 2018 and has been a “heavy lifter” since day one. While  working in Human Resources for a global asset manager and raising her young family with her  husband she brings renewed energy and ideas to the Hingham Education Foundation. Kate is  eager to support HEF’s mission of empowering innovation and excellence for Hingham Public  School students and teachers.  

The Hingham Education Foundation is lucky to have Kate’s professional background.  Throughout her career, Kate has been consistently focused on employee development and  growth. Her fresh perspective and focus allows her to leverage her communication, strategy and  execution skills to deliver an impactful agenda for our community. Kate views the opportunity to  work on the Board as an absolute privilege and opportunity to impact the near and long term  experiences of our students and teachers.  

Kate is a graduate of Lafayette University with a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs.

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