HHS Students Try Their Hand at “Extreme Couponing” to Benefit the Hingham Food Pantry


Hingham High School’s Algebra 1 with Linear Emphasis classes recently participated in an “Extreme Couponing” challenge to benefit the Hingham Food Pantry. The purpose of the project was to demonstrate real-life saving opportunities, as well as applying algebra skills to potential savings situations.

The project was modeled after TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” show. This project was also a wonderful opportunity to give back to those in need within the community.

For the weeks leading up to the Extreme Couponing event, students participated in a number of in-class activities that reinforced how to save money by using coupons.

Students learned about online resources such as couponmom.com and livingrichwithcoupons.com. Students practiced calculating total prices of products that have coupons matched to the in-store sales.

The classes collected coupons from the entire community during November. Students then spent the time cutting and organizing the coupons in preparation for a shopping trip in early December. The in-class portion of the project culminated with students participating in a mock shopping challenge, which was supported by donations of $500 each from the Hingham High School PTO and the Holleran family.

On Wednesday, Dec. 11, Hingham High School Math teachers Sarah Jacobson and Jaclyn Leitao met Hingham High students Nik Cannon, Christian McCluskey, Michael Wegener and Mark MacLellan at the Hingham Stop & Shop.

The students picked items that both matched their coupons, as well as in-store sales. The strategy paid off. With the donated $1,000, students were able to purchase goods worth almost $2,000. All items were then transported directly to the Hingham Food Pantry.

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  1. So impressed with the kindness and generosity of the HHS students! Continue to do your fantastic work and thank you for contributing to such a very worthwhile goal! Merry Christmas!


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