Letter to the Editor: 50 Flags Campaign a Huge Success


Submitted to The Anchor by Scott Rabschnuk

While we’re all still waiting to see what fall may ultimately mean for high school football and other sports, the HHS Football team kicked off the season with a strong showing of support for our town’s highly successful “50 Flags” program (see previous Anchor Article here.) The team stepped up with 25 team members installing 4150 flags the weekend prior to the July 4th holiday, and 16 players removing 4,450 flags the weekend following. The extras were the result of many community citizens ordering flags once they saw how magnificent all the installations looked!

All told, 50 Flags enjoyed its most successful year ever, according to program leaders Tom “Hoffy” Hoffman and Sue Rizzo, who put countless hours into generating participation and coordinating the installation/removal of over 15,000 flags! That’s an amazing statement from the community, overcoming the lack of our traditional July 4th parade and fireworks to raise funds and our town’s spirits.  The contributions of the HHS football team to the effort will support the Hingham Gridiron Booster Fund.

Thanks to all team members and families who participated. Let’s keep the positive energy, and safe, smart behavior going toward making the 2020 HHS football season a reality.  

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