Local Resident Launches Spoon Soup Co. – a weekly small batch soup home delivery service

March 9, 2020 (all photos courtesy of Spoon Soup  Co.)

Martha Falvey has lived, cooked, and entertained in Hingham for over 30 years.  After a pre-children career cooking in Boston with Jody Adams, Martha said “yes” in 1994 when the then Newcomers president asked her to bring back cooking classes for the Club.  Many of your neighbors still likely use her “Thanksgiving Survival Guide” recipes and made “Will’s Pasta” when their kids were young.  She still gets asked about food on her many trips to what she calls the “Fruity” (aka The Fruit Center) each week!

After years of being the go-to parent volunteer for food related events while her four kids were attending Saint Paul School and Notre Dame Academy, Martha was ready to get back into professional cooking mode when her youngest headed off to college.

Martha recently launched Spoon Soup Co. – which makes weekly deliveries of small batch Bone Broth, Chicken Noodle and seasonal soups.  You can get a monthly subscription for weekly deliveries, or order week to week.

Check out her website spoonhingham.com for more info and see her great food shots at @spoon.soupco on Instagram.


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