Photos: “America Backs the Blue” Event Evokes Passionate Responses from All Sides

July 28, 2020 

Photos by Joshua Ross

Today, Joshua Ross was on the scene the America 'Backs the Blue' event held at Hingham Town Hall. Several hundred people attended and passionately rallied in response to the Hingham Selectmen's directive calling for the removal of Thin Blue Line flags displayed on Hingham Fire trucks.

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2 thoughts on “Photos: “America Backs the Blue” Event Evokes Passionate Responses from All Sides”

  1. Town officials have no idea of the meaning of the word, “ Brotherhood.” Firefighters and police respond to emergencies TOGETHER. Building fires, auto accidents, drownings, missing kids or medical calls, you’ll find police and firefighters on the scene. They serve everyone, regardless of race, creed, or country of origin. I’m a Marine Corps Veteran, served in Vietnam 1967/1968, and a proud retired firefighter. I know about Brotherhoods. Keep the Blue line.

  2. As a Vietnam combat veteran, I favor strongly Kevin’s comments. Destroy the “esprit de corps”, the camaraderie, the brotherhood and you will soon see the morale of one of Hingham’s finest institutions, the police department plummet. For shame on heeding an ill informed non-citizen’s, radical left wing, ill educated opinion…welcome to Chicago. To Chief Olsson and his officers, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PAST AND PRESENT SERVICE!!!


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