Save the Date, May 3, 2020: Hockey Tournament to Benefit EMPOWERHER


My Name is Rachel White, I am a Hingham resident and mother to 3 active little boys!  As of last year I became involved with the nonprofit organization, EMPOWERHER. For those who are unfamiliar with  EMPOWERHER, it is charity founded By Cara Belvin in 2013 to empower, help and support girls and women who’ve lost their Mothers. EMPOWERHER is the only organization in the country specifically working to address the struggles of girls whose mothers have died.  We currently serve 150+ girls (up to age 24) by providing an integrated series of programming featuring year-round EVENTS for GIRLS, such as our signature Mother’s Day Retreat, Beach Bash, Cooking Classes, Yoga and more.

EMPOWERHER is close to my heart because when I was 16 years old my mother lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. The grief was unimaginable. Every time I see a story about someone losing a parent, the feelings and emotions rush back , like its happening all over again. However remembering my mother’s strength and courage, and her fight to live on for her family is something that will be etched in my mind forever. When I heard about EMPOWERHER and all the work that Cara is doing, I thought to myself WOW! I so badly wish I had a program like this during my toughest adolescent years. Loss is hard and uncomfortable, at EMPOWERHER we work hard to make that ok.

I understand there are SO MANY fundraisers today so I appreciate people taking the time to hear about mine! EMPOWERHER came up with this idea for “Pop up Party” fundraising. Right in the midst of Hockey season , I thought to myself….Hmmm wouldn’t  it be cool to host a hockey tournament, that way my kids can be involved and I could do something fun with the surrounding communities! Knowing NOTHING about hosting a hockey tournament, I turned to the right people for a little leg work help in the right direction! I’m proud to say I will be hosting the First and hopefully annual Co-Ed 3V3 EMPOWERHER hockey tournament at Pilgrim Arena from 12:00pm -4:00pm to benefit EMPOWERHER.

If you’d like to sponsor or dedicate a locker room to a loved one please email

Thank you for your support!  WE look forward to seeing you ,  Rachel White

*Registration will be open soon. Follow the Hingham Anchor for registration info. 



Rachel White and family

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