OPINION: Vote for Michael Puzo for Town Moderator


Submitted by: Melissa Tully

I invite you to join me in re-electing Michael Puzo Hingham's Town Moderator. He is the most qualified candidate for the position.

Hingham's Town Moderator has many responsibilities. First and foremost is that of presiding over Town Meeting.  In accordance with Massachusetts law, the Moderator “shall preside and regulate the proceedings, decide all questions of order, and make public declaration of all votes.” The moderator must be well versed in town meeting procedure, both under our local by-law and under state law, and apply the rules fairly and in a manner that instills confidence in the voters who comprise the meeting.   Since his election in 2012, Michael has done an extraordinary job at Town Meeting, both substantively and administratively, including bringing in computerized check-in, which has greatly facilitated that process, changing the configuration of the seating in the gym, and consolidating the CPC articles for more efficient voting.  With these changes, Michael has made sure that each voter has easy access to the meeting, comfortable seating, and efficient use of the voters’ time, leading to shorter sessions without compromising the quality of the process.

A second and essential role of the moderator, shared with the Selectmen, is to appoint citizens of the town to a host of boards and committees. For example, the moderator appoints all fifteen members of the Advisory Committee, all members of the Personnel Board and the Water Supply Committee, along with members of the Audit Committee, Capital Outlay Committee, Community Preservation Committee, Energy Action Committee, Fire Station Building Committee, Library Board of Trustees, Lincoln Apartments Board of Managers, Long Range Waste Disposal/Recycling Committee (now Cleaner, Greener Committee), and the Whistle Blower Committee.  In this regard, Michael has done an extraordinary job, both in publicizing the need for citizen engagement and bringing a host of new and younger citizens to the volunteer ranks.  Along with the Selectmen, Michael hosts an open house, which precedes the many nights of interviews for all open positions. Michael’s appointments have been sound and well-balanced. He has used electronic, print and social media to encourage citizen engagement and makes a special point of calling out the need for volunteers at town meeting.  The application form, our Talent Bank Form, is easily found now on the town website and can be completed and returned electronically.

With 42 years of experience as a lawyer, service for twelve years on the Personnel Board working with our town employees, both union and non-union, along with past service on the Zoning Board of Appeals, Water Supply Committee, Transportation Committee and Town Administrator Search Committee, Michael has the ability and experience that makes him the right choice to continue as Hingham Town Moderator.  Please join me in re-electing Michael Puzo as our Town Moderator.

Submitted by: Melissa Tully

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  1. Michael is not only supremely qualified to be Town Moderator, he also is that supreme rarity of being objective. Hence he listens to all points of view without prejudice. A vote for Puzo is a vote for Hingham.


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