Weather Update: Nor’Easter set to move through Hingham Wednesday night into Thursday

December 15, 2020 by Meteorologist Michael Page

A classic Nor’Easter is set to move through New England Wednesday night into Thursday, bringing heavy snow and gusty winds to Hingham.


The daylight hours of Wednesday will be just fine for any errands or activities you have planned.

In fact, it will be sunny during the morning. Clouds will then increase during the afternoon.

Snow will arrive in Hingham after dinner, likely in the 9-11 PM timeframe.

This storm will be arriving in very cold air, meaning that snow will start sticking as soon as it begins falling.

Moderate to heavy snow will then continue through the night, and right through Thursday morning.

The heaviest snow will end by noon.

During the rest of the afternoon light snow will still fall, but additional accumulations will be minor.

The snow will entirely end around dinner-time Thursday evening.


In total, 8-12” of snow is expected in Hingham from this storm.

As noted above, the vast majority of that will fall before noon on Thursday.

The snow will start off wetter and heavier, but then as the storm pulls away the snow will become fluffier as chilly air wraps in.


During the storm, northeast wind gusts will reach 40-50 MPH in town.

That onshore wind will combine with high tides, elevated because of the new moon, to produce pockets of minor coastal flooding during the early afternoon hours on Thursday.

That means there may be some splash-over around the Yacht Club, for example, or some flooding around typically prone spots like Kilby Street.


Fortunately, this will be a fairly fast moving storm. It will be in and out in 12-18 hours, so this is not a ‘snowed in for days’ type storm.

It will be a significant storm, but not a blockbuster.

Still, whenever close to a foot of snow falls with gusty winds, there is always the risk of power outages. Charge your devices before the storm arrives on Wednesday, just in case.

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