2020 Town Election Results

Photo by Joshua Ross Photography
Photo by Joshua Ross Photography

The Hingham Town Election polls have closed and the votes have been counted. Congrats to all of the candidates for running positive campaigns. Below, please find the results.

Town Clerk, Eileen McCracken. Photo by Joshua Ross Photography.

Town Moderator:

Michael Puzo (1,975 votes)

School Committee:

Michelle Ayer (1,860 votes)

Jen Benham (1,164 votes)

Housing Authority:

Megan Buhr (1,728 votes)

Board of Selectmen:

William "Bill" Ramsey (1,962 votes)

Recreation Commission:

Adrienne Ramsey (1,895 votes)

Board of Assessors:

Greg Hall (1,773 votes)

Board of Health:

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Eldredge (1,883 votes)

Sewer Commission:

Stephen Harold (1,745 votes)

Municipal Light Board:

John Ryan (1,795 votes)

Planning Board: 

Rita Da Silva (1,781 votes)

A voter checks-in at Hingham High School. Photo by Joshua Ross Photography.

The Hingham Anchor will also provide an in-depth Election recap with the full results.

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