Downtown Hingham more festive than ever

November 26, 2019 submitted by the Hingham Downtown Association

New holiday decorations featured on downtown lampposts

The streets of Downtown Hingham got a holiday decoration facelift this year.  The 80 lampposts that line North, South, Main and Central streets will be wearing all new greenery, lights and bows for the holiday season.

Donors from the community and local businesses responded to the call of the Downtown Association’s  “Adopt-a-Lamppost” campaign to raise funds for the new decorations. “It was an amazing outpouring of support from businesses, realtors and individuals,” said Hingham Downtown Association Executive Director Lynn Barclay.  “We are thrilled to be able to make Downtown Hingham look more festive and change out the old decorations, which hadn’t been replaced in years. We are so appreciative to all who donated, and also to the Hingham Municipal Lighting Plant, whose staff generously hangs the decorations on the lampposts each year.”

Each lamppost is adorned with a nametag recognizing the donor of the lamppost.

In the spirit of being inclusive, this year there will also be 8 Hannukah decorated lampposts Downtown, to celebrate the eight nights of Hannukah. These lampposts have white garland, blue lights and a “Happy Hannukah” sign.  The Hannukah lampposts were funded and supported by Congregation Sha’aray Shalom.

The lampposts were decorated in time for all the Holly Jolly Hingham events sponsored by the Downtown Association in the month of December.  Starting with Santa arriving on his fire truck sleigh at Christmas in the Square on December 6th, the festivities and activities continue throughout the month, including the popular horse-drawn hayrides and Santa’s mailbox that sends Christmas wish lists to Santa straight to the North Pole. A calendar of events can be found at

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