Hingham Pride Project Gearing up for Pride Month in June- Flags Still Available

Courtesy of Irish Eyes Photography

May 15, 2020

It may seem hard to believe but June is fast approaching. While we will have warmer weather and flowers to look forward to, this year we get to add the colorful display of love through Pride flags and clings on houses and businesses throughout Hingham.

Sign up now to receive a free 3ft x 5ft Pride flag to display during the month of June to show your support to the LGBTQ+ community. We will deliver the flags as early as the last weekend in May 2020 and will pickup by the end of the first weekend in July.

Photo courtesy of Heather Henderson

The flag can be hung with both a sleeve and grommet based flag pole. If you don’t have a place to display the flag, you may request a Hingham pride static window cling. They are also free and come in two sizes (8in x 8in for houses and 4in x 4in for businesses). If you want to show your pride in both Hingham and the LGBTQ+ community year round, we are selling custom made H flags with a rainbow filling in the H.

Courtesy of Kerstin Dorbert

They are $50 each and your purchase goes to support the free flags and clings for anyone who wants one. The sign up form plus all other information concerning the Hingham Pride Project, can be found at www.hinghamprideproject.com.

Courtesy of Dan Miller-Dempsey

We may all be stuck inside right now but we can show our love on the outside by signing up with the Hingham Pride Project!

Courtesy of Irish Eyes Photography

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